Damage Detection and Restoration Equipment

air mover driAir Movers:

Air movers are placed in such a way as to maximize the evaporation rates of all affected surfaces.  They can be used for surface, subsurface and cavity drying.






Dehumidifiers reduce the moisture content of the air and balances the drying system by removing the moisture that air movers sweep away from wet materials.



air scrubberAir Scrubbers:

This portable air scrubbing device is able to capture virtually all removable airborne particles.  It also provides a unique ability to continually filter the indoor air while depressurizing a damage site to prevent the spread of contamination.



thermalThermal Imaging Camera:

Infrared cameras instantly show you what's wet and what is dry without penatrating surfaces.  It enables the technician to effectively "see" behind dry wall and effected areas.


moisture meter


Moisture Meters:

Uses radio frequency signals to measure moisture levels.  Most effective for locating moisture behind and beneath finishing materials such as ceramic and vinyl floor coverings.


etes duo


E-TES Drying System:

The electric thermal energy system, adds the power of Directed Heat Drying to conventional dehumidification based drying systems.




HEPA Filtered Vacuums:

High Efficiency Particulate Air
Vacuum  with high-efficiency, drop-in-style HEPA filter and is individually certified to have a minimum efficiency of 99.97% particulates.

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