Mold Remediation Process

What to expect during your Mold Remediation process:

Step 1:moldpen

Once you make the call to AmeriDry, a mold specialist will make an appointment to view your property.  Once your mold specialist arrives on site the first thing he will do is assess exactly what is damaged and determine the best course of action to remediate your mold problem.

Your mold specialist will explain to you exactly what needs to be done to safely and fully remediate your mold issue and will prepare a complete estimate of the work to be performed.

Step 2:

Once we begin the mold remediation process the first step is safety.  Containment will be set up to isolate the mold and to prevent it from spreading to unaffected areas.

For your safety you may be asked to refrain from entering the work area until it is properly  cleaned and determined to be safe.

During cleaning, different types of equipment will be incorporated.  An air scrubber will be running, most likely, constantly throughout the process.  It has the ability to "clean" the air by removing air borne spores and other particulates.

Another vital piece of equipment
used is a HEPA vacuum.  The technician will vacuum all effected areas before cleaning the mold, and will vacuum throughout the process, and a final time after cleaning is completed.

Step 3:

Once the equipment is in place and the area has been properly vacuumed, the cleaning will continue in some or all of the following ways.
Removal of any materials effected by mold that cannot be saved.

Actual cleaning of surfaces that will include use of antimicrobial cleaners to effectively remediate
the microbial contamination.

Step 4:

After remediation has been completed, a final inspection will be performed to ensure that the microbial
contamination has been effectively removed.

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